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We are delighted to showcase some of our Certified Practitioners who have graduated from our Profit from the Positive Certificate Program, rated one of the top 11 positive psychology courses you can take online.  These talented professionals, spanning three continents, have undergone 15 hours of training in more than two dozen tools from our bestselling book, Profit from the Positive, and are now qualified to train managers, leaders, and employees in your organization.  If you’re looking for a skilled facilitator, certified coach, speaker, or thought leader to help you implement a positive workplace and positive leadership practices at your company, university or association, we highly recommend these professionals.

Randa A. Kinawi, ACC, MBA

Randa Kinawi

Randa is an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation and a Relationship Coaching Specialist from the Institute for Life Coach Training. Randa is a Certified Facilitator of Profit from the Positive Program. She is also an MBA holder from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Randa has over 12 years of corporate experience in multinationals. Through building and managing teams, she gained strong interpersonal and communication skills that later on, directly fed into her coaching business. She specializes in employee self-motivation, positivity and cross culture communication. Randa is an Egyptian, currently living with her family in Qatar, and serves the entire Middle East region as a bilingual coach, trainer and consultant.

Home Base:  Qatar          Geographic Area Served:  Middle East

Contact:          Randa’s LinkedIn Profile


Joanna Thompson, MAPP

Joanna ThompsonIn her capacity as an executive and business coach and certified Profit from the Positive practitioner, Joanna brings a deep understanding of the ingredients of personal and business success. A crucial element is knowing how to identify, unlock and harness strengths and to channel energy appropriately.  Joanna studied and enjoyed personal success in navigating the corporate world, with the underpinning of a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. First-hand experience of transition across roles and geographies, frequent exposure to C-suite executives and her love of travel meld into a broad perspective and deep insights. Her book, A to Z: Your Navigator to Success, is packed with practical tips.  She flourished at the premier U.S., European and Australian financial institutions of Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and Credit Suisse, rising to the position of Managing Director. Experience of transition came courtesy of her career having the unusual distinction of spanning Corporate Finance, front line Fixed Income and Equities Institutional Sales and a Senior Talent Development leadership role, with a C-suite focus. Joanna is energized by seeing people and businesses thrive. Her mission is to help people dare to reach their full potential. A bigger, bolder, brighter life awaits.

Home Base:  Sydney          Geographic Area Served:  APAC

Contact:       Joanna’s Website       Joanna’s LinkedIn Profile


Darrah E.M. Wolfe, ACC, MAPP, P.Eng

Darra WolfeAs the owner and operator of Actuality Coaching & Consulting, Darrah is especially known to her clients and colleagues as an activator. She is highly skilled at turning thoughts into action and this attribute comes out full force in her strategic coaching and workshop facilitations. Darrah’s background as an engineer makes her a bit of an outlier as she now delivers positive psychology infused coaching and consulting that supports her clients to thrive in their businesses and communities. In her former career, Darrah planned, executed and optimized $80MM capital projects. She began to observe that their planning wasn’t addressing the whole person and all their needs and so she made a career change. After completing an accredited coach training program and graduating with a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, Darrah decided to hang up her hard hat and become a coach and positive solutions provider. Applying her mind’s unique ability to quickly synthesize all the available information, Darrah can help you to facilitate creative solutions for improved employee productivity, engagement, and wellbeing.

Home Base: Calgary, Alberta          Geographic Area Served: Canada


Darrah’s Website          Darrah’s LinkedIn Profile

Sharif Maghraby, Executive Coach

Sharif MaghrabyPositivity, Creativity, Wellbeing and Success!  That’s what I want for everyone.

Hallo (Salam) and I do trust that you are well. My name is Sharif Maghraby and I’m an executive coach, speaker and author based in Dubai.  I’m originally from Egypt which means that I’m able to coach in my native Arabic language as well.

I work with leaders and teams applying the latest cutting edge practices from positive psychology, design thinking and systems coaching to boost business productivity and creativity, increase team engagement, enhance workplace wellbeing and drive company profits and growth.

I’m a successful thought leader with more than 20 years of experience in top media and TV companies with advanced qualifications and certifications in Co-active and Systems coaching, Emotional Intelligence Leadership, Design Thinking, Innovation as well as being the 1st Certified ‘Profit from the Positive’ Practitioner in the UAE!

The question I would like to leave you with is: How might we design and build more positive, creative, successful and healthy workplaces for ourselves and for our people?

Home Base: Dubai, U.A.E.          Geographic Area Served: Middle East

Contact:         Sharif’s LinkedIn Profile


Dina Markind, Coach, RN

DinaMay2017Dina Markind is known as a relationship builder who encourages collaboration and inspires positivity and motivation from those she works with.

Dina works with organizations and individuals to prevent and promote recovery from burnout. Dina is a certified coach who earned a certificate in Positive Psychology several years ago and integrates this into the work she does. Building on this foundation, she became a Profit from the Positive Certified Practitioner. Dina’s work supports professionals in re-balancing and re-engaging so they can live with joy and make the difference they desire to.

As a nurse with a Master’s degree, Dina has a special affinity for working with health care professionals. Through one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, and in person presentations, she supports clients to build thriving communities in which individuals recover their personal joy and live with greater ease in alignment with their values. Dina is the author of Vital Signs of Well-Being, an e-book available on Kindle.

“Nurturing is central to who I am. I became a coach so that I can actively support your individual and organizational growth.”

Home Base: Connecticut, U.S.A.          Geographic Area Served: East Coast

Contact:   Website:

       Dina’s LinkedIn Profile

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